How to have a Successful Silhouette Launch Evening!

  • TICKETS – Sell entrance tickets! – Selling entrance tickets with the donation going to charity or to be redeemable against buying a product or booking a treatment is a brilliant idea because this way you will certainly know an approximate amount of the people coming. Plus, if you offer to make the ticket price redeemable against buying a product of booking a treatment is a alternative excellent idea because then it offers a way for customers to get their money back. The sole purpose to selling tickets to this event is to know how many people are going to come and then a week before if you haven’t sold as many tickets as you would have liked you know in advance to really encourage your staff to sell tickets to your event, because if people have bought a ticket they are much more likely to attend the event than if you just give out free tickets.
  • WHEN? Don’t do the open night on a Friday, people can’t be bothered or quite frankly have other plans. Do your open night on a Wednesday or Thursday evening instead.
  • OFFERS – Use special offers to entice people. For example – Book a course of 6 or 10 Dermalift treatments and receive your final treatment free of charge, or 15% off the course, etc.
  • TASTERS – Offer ‘taster’ treatments on the night (£10 each) to get people hooking on the treatment and allow them to try different treatments they may never have heard of before.
  • CELEBRATE – Make it a celebration – offer nibbles and drinks! Play some relaxed music. Sarum Holistic Therapies recently did their own Launch Evening and they said “Having a relaxed client based evening proved to be a winner.” Make it fun and relaxed. Encourage clients to buy tickets for them and their family or friends.
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