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4 Easy Steps to Apply for Leasing

Step 1. Fill in your details on this form and  select the machine you would like to buy.

Step 2. Our leasing partner, Oakfield Leasing Limited, will check your information and issue approval or contact you if they need a little bit more info.

Step 3. Approval! Documents can be emailed over to you or posted for you to check and sign.

Step 4.  Return documents and book the delivery of your machine !

For Our Southern Irish Customers

Please apply for leasing here:

About Our Leasing Agreement

With this kind of lease you choose the term (1 to 5 years) and pay a fixed monthly amount which will include interest. You can ask for a final settlement figure at any time or add additional machines on to the same lease.

Silhouette International are licenced/regulated by the FCA (financial conduct authority) to offer credit. Please complete our initial leasing request form and we can carry out an initial check to see if we can approve you for credit finance.

Which machine would you like to lease
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