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Micro current was first utilised in the medical field for patients with loss of facial muscle tone due to the effects of Stroke or bells palsy. It was brought forward to the aesthetic market due to the incredible lifting and toning effects noted against the unwanted effects of ageing.

How it works

Extreme low levels of electrical current are passed through the skin to stimulate the Golgi tendon organ of the muscle (the area responsible for muscle tone and tightness.) leading to the re-education of the effected muscle, yielding to results such as lifted brows, reduced hooding in eyes, lifted sagging in the cheek and jaw/ jowls regions. Not to mention, significant reduction in the signs of over contracted muscles which lead to frown lines, crows’ feet and smile lines.

Other benefits of micro current include: The increase of collagen synthesis and fibroblastic activity, improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage and increased skin cell renewal.

With the inclusion of the Silhouette Dermafusion products and treatment methods, we can increase product absorption rate and depth by up to 100% (?) when utilised with the Microface intense unit.

According to studies, microcurrent can increase collagen production up to 14%, elastin production up to 48% and blood circulation by up to 38%

Microface Intense FAQs

No, microcurrent uses such a low energy to gain the best effects, it is for many without any sensation. Most people will feel a slight tingle or prickling sensation, but it should never hurt.

The average cost is around £3.50.

60-90 minutes depending on procedure recommended or requested by or for your client.

The average price for a one-hour treatment is £55, although this varies depending on area, demographic etc.

Results will be visible after a single treatment but for the most noticeable results, an initial course of 10 treatments is recommended at 2 per week, then followed up with a maintenance treatment once per month.

An NVQ Level two of equivalent in beauty or facial therapy is required. If you are unsure of your suitability please contact us for advice.

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