Stimulates Collagen production & blood flow

Diamond Microdermabrasion combines a powerful crystal free exfoliation with adjustable vacuum suction allowing for fuss free treatments, yielding instant and accumulative results for most skin types. The desquamation of dead skin cells from the epidermal surface reveals a bright and healthy complexion, ready to absorb active ingredients more effectively, leading to superior results in comparison to manual exfoliation. The added benefit of Vacuum suction aids the drainage of old circulatory deposits from the underlying tissues, eliminating toxins and promoting healthy dermal blood flow. Combined, the treatment drives skin cell reproduction, collagen synthesis and elastin production. This allows your salon to target, ageing, scarring, uneven skin tone, poor skin condition, pigmentation, dehydration and much more. Included in purchase:
  • Training program
  • Free start up product package
  • Safe, effective and trusted technology
  • Full marketing support
  • Lightweight hand piece with 9 treatment heads
  • Personal account manager for unrivalled support
  • No additional up front, hidden or profit share costs
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  • Pay over 5 years from £11 per week
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