F16: Full Clinic Faradic (16 Pad)

The Dermalift F16 is a mono & bi-directional faradic system, offering the complete range of facial and body faradic treatments. Featuring 8 outlets over a 16 pad system, the stimulation from the F16 can be randomised to prevent muscle anticipation, providing a much more efficient toning session. Separate contract and rest controls allow the relevant pulse periods to be varied from 0.1 – 2.5 seconds individually, whilst the master gain control function increases the stimulation current across all outputs by up to 20% via one control switch.

SKU: 1402



Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 31 × 50 × 19 cm


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  • Randomisation function prevents muscle anticipation, providing more efficient toning
  • Master gain control lets the therapist increase the output to all pads by 20% increments
  • Contract & rest control allows the therapist precise control of pulse duration
  • Randomisation function
  • Mono & bi-directional Faradic
  • Master gain control
  • Contract & rest control
  • Supplied with 16 x body pads, 8 x leads, 10 x elasticised body straps and faradic facial attachment
  • 2 year guarantee

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