Dermalift Profile

Combining  the most up-to-date technology  and the very latest beauty therapy innovations the Profile delivers a exceptional set of face and body essential treatments. The Dermalift Profile offers your business the ability to treat both face and body simultaneously. Combining micro-current facial lifting with a 24 pad slimming and inch-loss system enables the therapist to perform a full non-surgical face lift whilst the client receives full body slimming shaping and toning. This combination of treatments not only yields visible results but produces high income availability, enabling  the therapist to cross-sell a multitude of face & body treatments. Plus  Dermafusion technology which infuses exciting specialised active ingredients into the skin to twice the depth in half the time of a manual application.

*Pedestal not included.

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Finance Options Available:

  • Pay over 3 years £56.94 per week
  • Pay over 4 years £46.12 per week
  • Pay over 5 years £39.75 per week


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The Ultimate Multi-Functional Face & Body Treatment System

Dimensions 43 × 53 × 105 cm


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  • Face & Body lifting  ( micro current )
  • Inch-loss and slimming system (Mono phasic  8 computerised programmes )
  • Dermafusion –  (in built) ‘product  infusion’ 10 step by step specialised facials)
  • Multi-plex technology –  face & body treatments simultaneously
  • Automatic  pre set lifting Dermafusion technology infuses active ingredients into the skin to twice the depth in half the time of a manual application
  • program settings for initial facial treatment
  • Pedestal with concealed storage – keeps cables and accessories tidy
  • Output level indicator
  • Audible treatment indicator
  • Treatment timer
  • ADLA  Facial (Advanced Dermalift Lymphatic Activation)
  • 8 pre-set unique body treatment programs
  • Fast-slim program
  • Unique automatic body algorithm
  • 24 pad inch-loss and slimming system
  • Specific cellulite treatment
  • Designed & manufactured in the UK
  • Multi-plex technology allows the therapist to treat the face and body at the same time, taking less time to perform each treatment individually and providing a greater income.
  • ADLA (Advanced Dermalift Lymphatic Activation) removes the need for a lymphatic drainage massage
  • Unique body algorithm changes automatically as the muscles become accustomed to the current
  • Fast-slim program
  • 24 pads inch-loss and slimming system provides comprehensive body slimming and toning
  • Automatic initial settings keep treatment set-up  time to a minimum
  • Pedestal ensures the machine is at the correct height and prevents bad posture whilst concealing all accessories
  • Treatment pause enables you to interrupt the facial treatment, then seamlessly continue where you left off
  • Output level indicator shows conductivity level
  • Audible treatment indicator lets you know when to stop specific facial stroke
  • Pre-set body treatment programs allow you to quickly tailor treatments to each client
  • Touch control operation makes the Microface & Body intuitive and simple to operate
  • Dermafusion technology (in-built) infuses active ingredients into the skin to twice the depth in half the time of a manual application
  • 24 pad slimming & inch-loss system provides visible effects after just one treatment
  • Fast-slim program delivers the equivalent of 350 sit-ups in a 20 minute session
  • Unique body algorithm changes automatically to suit your clients muscle resistance
  • Dedicated Cellulite treatment allows targeted treatment of problem areas
  • Visible decrease in lines and wrinkles
  • ADLA reduces puffiness
  • Increased hydration
  • Improved elasticity
  • Re-firming of facial and body muscles
  • Improved circulation
  • Increase in Collagen production
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