Dermalite IPL

The new Dermalite IPL machine is our first IPL device to be able to treat most skin colours, Fitzpatrick skin types 1-5. This opens the doors to most clients and increases your customer base.

Our upgraded IPL system with advanced SHR (super hair removal) technology now allows you to perform hair removal in half the treatment time. Allowing you to book more appointments per day, doubling your revenue.

This medically registered device has more pre-set parameters than ever before, meaning you can really customise your treatment to your client’s needs. Advanced cooling head technology keeps treatments pain free and offers maximum client comfort and satisfaction.


  • Sold with a preloaded bulb, delivering a minimum of 300,000 guaranteed shots
  • The Dermalite system is delivered with all the products you need to begin treatments immediately after your training
  • Accredited training included for up to 5 therapists, recognised by all major insurers accredited to IHPM & ABT insurance
  • Marketing material for your clients and full assistance with treatment plans
  • Full after sales support with treatment advice, technical information, and marketing.  Call us and speak directly to a real person with any of your questions. All our staff are qualified in their field of expertise

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Finance Options Available:

  • Pay over 5 years from £63 per week

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IPL Hair Removal

Before & After Photos

Before and After 1 Treatment

•Painless hair removal on all skin types and hair colours
•Extreme comfort due to the cryo cooling head
•More effective than traditional IPL or laser
•The “sweeping” movement and continuous flash avoids contact with the skin for speedy treatments
•Results in permanent hair reduction in fewer treatments

•The latest development in pulsed light therapy for skin rejuvenation
•Produces firmer, younger looking skin with no downtime
•Smoothes out uneven skin tone
•Working on lower frequencies and intensity to stimulate collagen renewal
•Minimal discomfort
•Fast and safe treatment using high powered energy

•Pigmentation – Treat hyperpigmentation due to sun damage or ageing
•Acne – Treat inflammation leading to a healthier looking skin
•Vascular lesions – Reduce Rosacea in as little as one treatment & treat broken capillaries quickly and efficiently

IPL projected figures based on a 5 year finance package. Purchased price £12,500 +VAT.
Average finance costings and salon earnings graph. These figures are based on the IPL only being used ¼ of salon opening times (10 hours per week).


Here are some FAQs…

  1. Who can I treat?
    The Dermalite IPL works well on both men and women. All areas can be treated including facial hair, bikini line, legs, back and chest. It is suitable for most skin colours, except very dark and it is not suitable for light blonde, red and grey hairs for hair removal.  If you want to treat these hair colours, then please look at our electrolysis range.
  2. How much shall I charge for each area?
    This is based on competition in your area, you don’t have to be the cheapest to compete as the Silhouette machine has proven results so you will be offering one of the most effective treatments available.
    As a guideline you would charge £300 for a full leg and bikini or £60 for an underarm hair removal treatment.
  3. Is the treatment painful?
    No!  With the technology of the cooling head which immediately delivers a shot of ice, your clients will be amazed how painless the treatment is. Some people might find it slightly uncomfortable, but the treatment can be adjusted for them. Some machines have 2 heads, one for delivering the light shot and one for the cold. Apart from being cumbersome, the cold shot is not delivered fast enough to eliminate any discomfort.
  4. Can I treat thread veins?
    Yes, the machine is excellent at eliminating thread veins/broken capillaries and you should see an improvement after 1 treatment, but 2 or 3 may be needed for maximum clearance.
  5. Will I be fully trained?
    We include a 2 day training course free of charge with the IPL and this is called manufacturers training.  All modules will be covered and after this there is direct access to your trainer or to our head office should you have any questions.
  6.  How often should I get my machine serviced?
    We recommend your IPL machine is serviced every 12 months to ensure maximum performance and safety.
  7. What if my machine is not working?
    We have a team of skilled engineers who work with our machines and repair many other manufacturers.  With 48 years of beauty industry technology behind us you can be assured that our machines are reliable and built to last. Any problems please call 0161 980 1080 and it will no doubt be something we can help you with over the phone or resolve in 24 hours at most.
  8. How much does it cost for a new IPL flash Bulb?
    It’s approximately 1p per shot and each bulb has 60,000 pulses of light, which is a huge amount compared to many other models on the market.
  9. Do I have to register with my local authority/council?
    Only some areas require you to register with them. A quick call to your local council (usually environmental health) will inform you on any regulations.
  10. How can I market?
    Host an exciting IPL launch evening for existing customers and friends. Recommendations from friends and acquaintances always proves to be useful. Post training you will gain access to our marketing library and resources. Offer discounts for any client booking a course of 6 to 10 or do an   offer of pay for 6 sessions and receive one free.  Alternatively offer discount if more than one area treated (e.g. full leg and bikini).  This can be a limited time offer to get your new machine up and running. Take photos (with permission) after each session so both you and your client can see the results and ask if you can use these to show to future customers.

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Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 66 × 42 × 41 cm


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