Dermatone Toner 250ml

A soothing toner which has exceptional skin balancing properties, whilst providing moisture and calming even the most sensitive of skin types. Rich in active ingredients this formulation of aloe and mallow has hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties and leaves skin feeling radiant and refreshed.


  • Contains Aloe extract: Juice from the leaf of an evergreen plant. The Aloe smoothes and moisturises the epidermis of the skin. Cooling and protecting the skin
  • Contains Mallow extract: Extracted from Violet Flowers which contain polysaccharides with exceptional moisturising properties
  • Contains Propylene Glycol & Glycerin: Humectants which protect moisture levels of the skin, even after deep cleansing or exfoliation
  • Associated product: Dermatone Cleanser for use before toning

Client Benefits

  • Tightens & Refreshes the skin
  • Soothes & moisturises
  • Leaves the skin smooth and silky

250ml Retail Size

Soon to be available in 500ml Salon Size

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Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 × 15 cm


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