Epil 100: Diathermy


Based upon 36+ years of solid state technology and experience in manufacturing electrolysis equipment. The Epil 100 electrolysis machine is one of the most accepted and used diathermy systems in use throughout the UK and overseas, providing fast and comfortable hair removal & thread vein treatments. It is thanks to a diathermy current that is delivered somewhat smoother than many of its competitors. It carries a 2 year guarantee and can be used on skin tags and thread veins.

A needleholder (switched or unswitched) will be needed to operate this machine. If purchasing an unswitched needleholder you will also need a footswitch.

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  • Full digital micro amp meter lets you control the output precisely
  • Footswitch or button needle holder operation to cater for your preferred method
  • Manual operation
  • Footswitch or push button needle holder operation
  • Full digital meter display calibrated to indicate an intensity of 0 to 100%
  • Designed & manufactured in the UK
  • Needleholder sold desperately
  • 2 x years guarantee
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