Epil 200: Blend & Diathermy


The Epil 200 Blend electrolysis machine successfully combines both the Galvanic and Diathermy methods of electrolysis to form the blend method. Bringing together the effectiveness of Galvanic electrolysis and incorporating it with the speed of the Diathermy method provides a faster, longer lasting solution for hair removal that is 40-60% more successful than either method alone. With a smoother more consistent current across the output range than its competitors the Epil 200 electrolysis machine caters for all your salons Electrolysis needs whilst ensuring maximum comfort for your client.

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Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 31 × 50 × 19 cm


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Blend operation is faster, more comfortable and is 40-60% more effective than either Galvanic or Diathermy method of operation alone

  • Choice of Blend, Galvanic and Diathermy methods meaning you can offer your customer more choice
  • Timed operations makes charging per minute easy
  • Full digital micro amp meter lets you control the output precisely
  • Footswitch or button needle holder operation to cater for your preferred method
  • Blend method of operation – combination both galvanic and diathermy, manual or timed
  • Diathermy Method of operation – manual or timed
  • Galvanic method of operation – manual or timed
  • Full digital micro amp meter calibrated from 0-10Ma
  • Footswitch or button needle holder operation
  • Supplied with push button needle holder, plain needle holder, foot switch, handheld electrode, sponge and a selection of needles
  • Designed & manufactured in the UK
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