Eye Neuvo 15ml

Constructed using a unique tetra peptide containing Eyeseryl and Matrixyl, Eye Neuvo addresses the 3 most common problems with an ageing eye area: fine lines, wrinkles and dark, puffy bags.

The Eyeseryl contained within the serum has anti-oedema properties, proven to reduce puffy eye bags and show results within just a few days. The Matrixyl (which is recognised as Micro-Collagen) acts extremely fast and effectively on lines and wrinkles that form around the eyes, helping the skin restructure its extra cellular matrix and showing a major reduction in line and wrinkle intensity.


  • Contains Eyeseryl – reduces dark puffy bags
  • Contains Matrixyl – reduces fine lines & wrinkles

Client Benefits

  • Lines, wrinkles & puffy bags will be reduced
  • Dark circles will be reduced
  • Delicate are around the eye will appear fresher, with increased hydration

15ml Jar

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