Green Tea Cream 250ml

Green Tea Cream contains one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants which provide actions to remove free radicals that attack skin on a daily basis. Free radicals block and dehydrate the skin, creating fine lines, wrinkles and preventing it from appearing fresh and healthy. The skin needs to regenerate and produce fresh skin cells if it is to feel taught and firm. This particular Green Tea Cream formulation contains powerful hygroscopic properties which re-hydrates the skin. Having removed the free radicals Green Tea Cream will affect its action upon the epidermis boosting its cell replenishment process. Finally, the cream will protect against any future attacks from free radicals, therefore providing and maintaining a much improved healthier skin.


  • Removes free radicals from the skin
  • Powerful hygroscopic properties
  • Removes free radicals

Client Benefits

  • Assists regeneration
  • Brings on fresh skin cells
  • Skin feels Taught & Firm

250ml Salon Size

Also Available in 50ml Retail Size.

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