Herbal Ampoules (Anti-Acne)


Providing a balancing & calming effect, the Herbal Ampoule is ideal for alleviating the symptoms of Acne. The herbal ampoule solution contains salts that are derived from Zinc, these salts are proven to both reduce the inflammation caused by any infection to the sebaceous gland, and also provide an effective anti-bacterial action combating infection. Combining this effect along with the anti-irritant and moisturising properties of the ampoule, makes the Herbal ampoule a fantastic anti-acne treatment.

  • Contains extracts from Zinc, Iris root and Retinyl (Vitamin A)
  • Can be applied singularly or as a booster with any Dermafusion Mask treatment
  • Suitable also for sensitive skins

Client Benefits

  • Reduces inflammation of Sebaceous gland
  • Has an anti-bacterial effect
  • Moisturises & Calms the skin
  • Anti-irritant

3ml x 10 Per Box

SKU: 5019



Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 40 × 50 × 105 cm


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