The Silhouette Microdermabrasion system combines German and British engineering for unparalleled treatment quality and equipment longevity. Our Microdermabrasion machine delivers a fine stream of spherical aluminium oxide crystal over the skin to provide a deep exfoliation to the stratum corneum, whilst simultaneously vacuuming away cellular debris and excess crystals. This process reveals a bright and healthy layer of skin cells, ready to absorb active ingredients from subsequent product application. Not only will the skin look and feel instantly smoother and more radiant, the treatment will trigger the skins’ natural healing process, this encourages the production of collagen and elastin, essential elements in the fight against ageing. Skin cell turnover is also improved and the results of this can be apparent for up to a month post treatment, leading to excellent accumulative results and rebookings.  Silhouette Dermalift Microdermabrasion equipment can be used to target the signs of many of your clients concerns on face and body, including: Pigmentation, scarring, dry skin, dull or sallow skin, ageing, acne congestion, large pores, lines and wrinkles, ingrown hairs, blackheads, millia, stretch marks, thickened or callused skin.

Included in purchase:

  • Certified Training (face to face or digital depending on qualification)
  • After purchase support included
  • Full marketing support
  • Backed by almost 40 years of expertise
  • Multi treatment platform
  • Simple treatment setting controls
  • No additional up front, hidden or profit share costs

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