Skin-Lite 50ml


Incorporating a specific formula of selective active whitening ingredients to lighten uneven skin tones and minimize pigmentation. These ingredients work in synergy with the Skin-Lite creams U.V. filter, preventing and minimising the appearance of brown pigmentation spots and skin discoloration.  Additionally the skin will take on an enhanced radiance and silky feeling, as the epidermis is protected from sun damage & harmful free radicals. The skins moisture balance will improve, boosting its intrinsic elasticity & tone, diminishing uneven skin tones & ultimately fighting the signs of skin ageing.


  • Contains whitening agents
  • Contains mild U.V. filter
  • Associated products: Skin-Lite Cleanser, Toner and Face & Neck Mask

Client Benefits

  • Blocks the enzyme responsible from Melaongenesis  (Melanin Production)
  • Protects skin from the Sun’s harmful effects
  • Moisturises & Hydrates the skin

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