Skin-Lite Ampoules


Skin-Lite Ampoules contain a blend of herbal and biological ingredients. These work in synergy together, reducing the effects of Tyrosinase which is responsible for Melanin synthesis (production). Specifically developed to work singularly or in conjunction with the other Skin-Lite treatment products (Mask, Cleanser, Toner & Day and Night Cream), combating irregular pigmentation marks, age and sun spots, leaving the skin with a new fresh radiance.


  • Contains Licorice Extract – inhibits pigmentation by preventing Tyrosinase activation
  • Contains Arbutin, an advanced skin lightening active ingredient
  • Can be applied underneath any Dermafusion Face & Neck Mask
  •  Part of a complete Regime : Skin-Lite Cleanser, Toner,  Face & Neck Mask & Day and Night Cream to maximise effectiveness

Client Benefits

  • Brightens and balances uneven skin tones
  • Diminishes the signs of pigmentation
  • Reduces effect of sun spots & age spots
  • Delivers a lighter reflective appearance to the skin

3ml x 10 Per Box

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 40 × 50 × 105 cm


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