beauty equipment service and repair

Working with Techcare couldn't be easier

Out of order equipment means reduced profits, difficult working conditions and disappointed customers. All our salon owners have a responsibility to provide and maintain safe equipment for every employee to use. It is a fact that 25% of all reportable electrical accidents involve portable and transportable equipment. It is therefore essential and indeed part of the Health and Safety Guidelines for any business that electrical equipment is well maintained and P.A.T. tested annually.

Techcare carries out the following on any make or model (it doesn’t have to be a Silhouette-Dermalift Beauty Machine)

  1. Servicing
  2. Repairs
  3. P.A.T. Testing
  4. Repair contracts
  5. Calibration

 Techcare - Who and What are they?

  • Techcare is an independent technical services repair and maintenance operation. As a division of Silhoutte-Dermalift Group with over 35 years of experience in the beauty therapy and spa equipment industry.
  • Techcare have a team of highly technical experienced engineers, trained in the service and repair of electro-medical & beauty therapy equipment.
  • Techcare offers fast single unit salon or spa repairs.
  • Techcare also specialises in on-site college multiple-machine servicing, calibration and P.A.T. testing
  • All Techcare work is given a safety inspection label upon completion.
  • Techcare endeavour to repair any type of beauty equipment irrespective of its age or condition. If the equipment is found to be in very bad condition, Techcare's engineers will provide you with an estimation of the viability & cost of repairing the equipment.

If its broken don't bin it - TRADE IT. Whatever the make, you can choose new updated models and use your old/broken model as your deposit/trade in.

Contact our Service Team on 0161 980 1080 or email for more information.