What Are The Benefits Of Combining Radio Frequency With Microneedling?


Many of us have seen images of Judy Murray (Andy Murray’s Mum) and her amazing results after a non-surgical facelift course of treatments.


She was a fantastic advert for this treatment; however, the cost of Judy’s treatments would have been in the tens of thousands which means it is out of reach for many salon businesses.


SO, WHAT KIND OF TREATMENT DID JUDY HAVE? The type of treatment was a device that combines radio frequency and microneedling.


Not only are these treatments expensive for customers but they can be very painful – well you are firing hot needles into the skin after all. They also have quite a bit of downtime afterwards which can be awkward for clients with busy lives.


It has probably been over 18 months since I first saw the article on Judy Murray, and I was really excited by the thought of this combined device as microneedling, and RF are two of my very favourite modalities for skin rejuvenation.





Radio Frequency speeds up collagen and elastin production whilst tightening the skin. Microneedling kickstarts the healing response and encourages collagen and elastin production. When we microneedle we are limited to a certain depth on the face, and we are mainly working on skin texture, but we don’t achieve deeper lifting and tightening. So, by using radio frequency and microneedling together it helps to stimulate collagen at a deeper level and speeds up the results of the treatment. Exciting!


These types of devices have been around for a little while now which means longer term results are starting to be seen. As we know everyone’s skin is unique to them and one size doesn’t fit all. While the skin may be red and inflamed immediately afterwards it will visibly calm down within hours, but the process is continuing under the surface. In fact, the healing process can continue for many months so over treating and over stimulating this natural process can lead to problems which may not become apparent for several years.


This is why it is so important to treat the skin gently – as all the famous skin experts say, “Less really is more”.


By performing these two treatments separately we can negate the chances of over treating and it allows you as the therapist to have more control. The intensity of radio frequency can be tailored to your individual client, and you can also control the depth of the needles and target specific areas with the microneedling device giving a much more gentle, focused treatment. You will still get amazing results just in a much safer more controllable way.


As always, the most important thing when we are treating clients’ skin is your equipment and your training – not just knowing how to use a machine but knowing why you are doing it and how to do it in the safest but most effective way possible.


If you would like any more information on this amazing combination treatment opportunity, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the trainers here at Silhouette. You can view both devices by clicking the links below.


Dermatherm RF Trio

Microneedling Pen



Author: Linda Smethhurst

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